Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Well, what a wonderful week and bank holiday weekend that was :)

On weds I finally got to hang out with Jess, we hadn't been on one of our adventures in a while so we decided it was high time we did just that! I had stumbled across Groombridge Place's 'Enchanted Forest' a while back when searching for referance photos and put it into my mind bank of adventure-worthy places.. So that's where we journied to on wednesday.. Albeit a little late because at the station I realised I'd left my camara battery at home charging.. oops... then we missed a once an hour bus by a few minutes.. oops again.. But we got there with enough time to lose ourselves in the forest... we rode on a little canal boat, stormed a pirate fort, walked a double spiral, fed ducks and fish, saw deer, swang on giagantic swings through bluebell forests, ate cream tea, fed peacocks, wandered through teepees, old gypsy caravn sites, statues, totem poles, tree carvings..and saw one of the UK's 2 'zeedonks' zebra cross donkey! 

My partner and I decided to drag ourselves out of bed on friday morning, feeling like zombies for no known reason, to go up to london and watch the royal wedding on the big screens in hyde park. We were glad we did in the end, the atmosphere was unlike anything I've experience before even if I did feel like I was sleepwalking all day!

Saturday was spent mostly at the part-time job but sunday and monday we just spent lounging around in the sun, boating on the thames, eating good (and sometimes not so good) food, walking and taking photos of the pretty spring sites.. I also couldn't resist working on my website a little.. 

So all in all I have felt quite refreshed and renewed from all this chillin out in nature :) I am currently working on an overdue commission for a lovely family member as well as planning my next large piece.. I would love to combine all my favourite elements of the enchanted forest and Groombridge Place with added fantasy and magic ;) I am desperate to paint all my favourite signs of spring into one painting... Something that you can look at in the depths of winter and instantly feel that stirring of awakening in your soul, that longing for spring and warmth and balmy evenings.. 

Yesterday I also collected from the post office my brand new Winsor and Newton artists watercolours! I had been using student watercolours previously but I thought it was about time I upgraded, prompted by fellow artists who had also taken the leap! I can't wait to experiment.. I'm thinking I may use some of my new bluebell woodland referances of my sister in a large faery watercolour...

Well I am off to add some new prints to my Etsy store and possibly list my latest mini canvas painting on ebay, though I may need some more photos in natural light before I do that.. we'll see! But do check my Etsy store to see the new prints.. Also I may add some brand new gifts to my Zazzle shop :)

Wishing you a beautiful second half of the week! 

Dawn and Leila bunny.... xXx

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