Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Night That Softly Glows

Hello all,

It feels good to blog again :) Summer seemed to just fly past.. I enjoyed it when I could though. I worked a lot at my day job to help them through the summer and so art ended up unintentionally and at times frustratingly going on the back burner. But my holiday to the Isles of Scilly off the coast of cornwall really inspired me as did those long, warm, balmy nights.. Although I enjoy autumn, I can't say I'm particularly looking forward to winter! I like snow, but I'll miss the flowers, the greeness, the warmth of the sun.. I do try to enjoy every season for what it is though and each one brings it's own inspiration for my art. 

My latest piece is a really cute miniature canvas that came with a tiny little wooden easle! I'd really like to buy more of these, they are such a great way to display mini paintings! It's quite special really as it's a cross bewteen my canvas pieces and my ACEO.. A chance to own something that is a little bit of both :) It's being auctioned as I type on my ebay shop

It was so fun to paint, a little challenging though as the canvas is so small my hand had nowhere to rest! I wanted to achieve something with a really magical and atmospheric feel, and I definately wanted to paint a hare.. I feel there are hardly any creatures more magical and mysterious than the hare.

I am now putting ideas down for my next large piece, on a similar scale to Faery Portal.. I have lots of different ideas and trains of thought about it and lots I would like to paint, messages I would like to convey through art but choosing one specific theme or feel for the piece is challenging! I was half waiting for a vision to come to me in a dream like it did with Faery Portal. But I'm not sure if that is going to happen this time... Though saying that dreams may well play a part in an up and coming piece I have begun to think about ;) I'll keep you posted.. I will possible post works in progress pictures once I have begin getting something down on canvas.. But for now I am still deep in the creative and uncertain planning stages of infinate posisble outcomes! I'm whatever manifests in the end is what is meant to... :)

I'm feeling rather inspired by the recent Occupy Wallstreet protests and the sense of awakening moving across the globe at the moment.. Exciting times lay right ahead.. 

All my love,


I will leave  you with some cheesy holiday pics!

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