Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm back again, and this time it's forever ;p


Long, long ago I began this blog with all the best intentions, but like many projects it slipped by the wayside and out of my mind.. Recently, however, I have realised it is a good idea to keep a proper blog, so I have dragged this one up from the depths of the interwebs and given it a bit of a makeover to reflect how my art has come along over the years! 

The biggest new I have is that I now have my own official website - Dawn Holliday Art so do come and have a visit, it's like a bigger, better, more enchanted version of this blog with galleries and such. Feel free to comment on my guestbook! I read and approve every single one personally and truly appreciate your feedback :)

I am selling slightly less on my ebay store currently, but that is usually where you will still find my original canvases and works of art being sold, but also check my Facebook page and website for updates on any up an coming large pieces as sometimes I accept offers on artwork through these venues! 

You may also be pleased to know that I have opened an Etsy Store, here I am currently selling prints but occasionally I may sell small originals, handmade jewellery (hopefully featuring my art), sculptures and ornaments.

If you would like gifts and merchandise featuring my art the best place at the moment to get that is through my Zazzle store where you will find things like mugs, t-shirts, bags, cards, postcards. badges, keyrings etc.

This year, art-wise I have decided to really focusing on creating a larger portfolio of big canvas pieces like 'Faery Portal' in order to showcase my art to it's full potential and be able to offer it to a much wider range of companies for liscencing. ACEO's and miniatures are still very dear to my heart and I will still be selling them, but I feel it's time to turn my main focus to the larger pieces (and possibly some childrens books.) ;)

I have a lot of ideas for my next large paintings including Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces and even creating larger more detailed and complex versions of my favourite ACEO! And of course the usual unicorns, winged hares, rabbits, deer and more...

I aim to keep you all updated on hopefully a regular-ish basis with what is going on! I have other blogs such as on my deviant art site and enchanted folk page but this will be the master blog and most the others will just be copied and pasted from this one.

I'll leave you with my most recent miniature canvas painting - "Calling Sunrise" soon to be auctioned through ebay.

Speak to you all very soon!

Lots of love,

Dawn xXx

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